Jet Series Golf Ball Range

Tour Level Golf Balls to take your game to next level.
Experience Longer Drives, More Short Game Spin and the Softest Feel for Ultimate Control.


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Play Like a Pro. All JetPack’s include a complimentary AirGrip™ Cabretta Glove, 3x Blade Tees and a GolfJet Ball Marker.
  • JET3 Sleeve


    JET3 Sleeve

  • JET3 JetPack


    JET3 JetPack

    From: $37.95 / pack
  • JET3 JetPack+


    JET3 JetPack+

    From: $37.95 / pack
  • JET4 Sleeve


    JET4 Sleeve

  • JET4 JetPack


    JET4 JetPack

    From: $40.95 / pack
  • JET4 JetPack+


    JET4 JetPack+

    From: $40.95 / pack
GolfJet Technology Golf Ball

Engineered for you.

Get the best out of your game with the JET golf ball range, engineered to suit all golfers.

GolfJet Technology Golf Ball Swing Speed
GolfJet Technology Golf Ball Swing Speed

Ball fitting is a confusing and outdated concept. Using the latest technology, GolfJet have engineered the JET golf ball range to suit all swing speeds and styles. Whether you swing the driver at 80MPH or 120MPH, you can be confident your JET golf ball will deliver the launch, spin and distance you demand.

Ball Compression

Smash factor is the ratio of club head speed and the resulting ball speed after impact.
A low or inconsistent smash factor affects primarily distance, but also spin and ultimately control.
Tested with real golfers in X-Golf’s state of the art simulator, against the world’s leading tour level balls,
the JET range consistently delivered a near perfect DRIVER smash factor for all golfer types.

Inside the JET

Tour Level Performance Golf Balls

The JET3 3-piece construction uses a single core for golfers who prefer flat trajectory drives and the softest short game feel.

  1. Low compression core
  2. Mantle intermediate casing layer
  3. Soft feel Urethane premium cover
  4. Spherically tilled 332 hex dimple design
  5. JET3 putting alignment stamp

The JET4 4-piece construction is engineered for ultimate distance and short game spin due to the 2-piece core. The result is extraordinary long drives and optimal control for aggressive approach shots.

  1. High energy, low compression, Twin Power core
  2. Mantle intermediate casing layer
  3. Softest feel Urethane premium cover
  4. Spherically tilled 332 hex dimple design
  5. JET4 putting alignment stamp

Which JET are you?

“Whatever the course, your JET series golf ball will help you consistently execute that perfect drive. GolfJet have engineered the launch angle and flight trajectory of the JET series golf ball range to suit both flat and lofted drives. Both balls are designed for very low spin off the tee for ultimate control.”


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